While planning a relocation, you must consider the items that a professional moving company can't take with them. These items are typically too hazardous or fragile to be transported by a moving truck.

As an experienced moving company, we know the ideal ways to handle these items that are unable to be moved. This article will cover the common ways to plan for your upcoming relocation. 

Cleaning Supplies

Many standard household cleaning products in laundry rooms are too hazardous and flammable to transport. Chemicals such as ammonia and bleach can't be transported by a moving company, as the temperatures inside a moving truck are too high.

While packing your belongings, you should dispose of these hazardous chemicals at the proper facility. When disposing of cleaning agents, you should eliminate other common products like glass cleaner. 

Kitchen Equipment and Food

When packing the items from your kitchen, you can place most of them on the back of the moving truck. However, you aren't able to place perishable food items on the truck. Unless it's a local move, the food will spoil if taken long distances to the client's home.

Along with perishable food products, you should never bring a fire extinguisher on the moving truck. The devices are explosive, and you should replace them when you get to the new destination. 

Household Plants

Plants are a great design accent for living rooms and outdoor areas. However, a plant typically can't handle the harsh conditions of the back of the moving truck. 

If you want to take the plants with you, the best method is to bring them in your vehicle. Giving the plants to family or friends is recommended if you don't want to bring them with you. 

Firearms and Ammunition

A specialized shipping company is the best option for the easy transportation of firearms and ammunition. A standard moving company with residential movers won't take firearms or ammunition you own for personal protection.

If you have one firearm, you can transport it in your vehicle. However, you must be mindful of the local regulations if crossing state lines with a firearm or ammunition. 

Garage and Shed Equipment

Garages and sheds typically have pieces of equipment that are gas-powered, which can't be brought onto a moving truck without emptying the tank. The following items will need to have their gas containers emptied before the relocation:

  • Lawnmowers
  • Propane Grill
  • Propane Heater

Along with gas-powered equipment, there are some flammable items like fertilizers and large fluorescent bulbs that you can't bring with you. If you are unsure if an item is flammable, you can ask your moving provider for guidance. 

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