Tips for Moving Household Electronics

Whether you hire residential movers or you’re planning on completing your move alone, proper packing is one of the most crucial parts of your upcoming relocation. While items like clothes and decor are easy to pack up, electronics require more attention. Follow these packing tips to ensure your electronics arrive safe and sound.

Gather Safe Moving Materials

The first step to packing up electronics is making sure you have the right supplies. In addition to moving boxes, you’ll need materials that can safely pad and protect your items. Anti-static bubble wrap is great for fragile computers and monitors, while moving blankets can prevent scratches. Some moving items should consider using include:

  • Bubble Roll
  • Foam
  • Moving Blankets
  • Sturdy Cardboard Boxes
  • Original Packaging
  • Cable Wires
  • Soft Cloths

Remove Loose Parts

Small appliances, stereos, and computers often have smaller pieces inside of them. Take out turntables, discs, and any other easily removable parts so that they don’t move around during transportation. Once they’re removed, you can wrap them and either secure them to their device or pack them separately.

Consider Secure Packing Methods

Now that your electronics are prepared, pack these items with care. Consider ways to double-pad or box items to prevent them from moving around. Some electronic packing tips include:

  • Bag Up Loose Remotes and Controls
  • Tape Bagged Accessories to Their Electronic Device
  • Double-Box Items for Additional Security
  • Use Padding and Wrapping Together

Take Proper Precautions

Some items require extra precautions against temperature and movement. Portable air filters should be packed securely to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures in your moving truck. Combustible items like batteries and chemicals should pose a fire risk and should never be put on a moving truck, no matter how secure they are.

Let a New Jersey Moving and Storage Company Professionally Pack Your Electronics

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