Understanding the Types of Moving Coverage for a New Jersey Move

Over the years, you've likely accumulated plenty of expensive, valuable, and sentimental possessions. When it comes time to move, it can be stressful transporting all of these belongings to their new location. While hiring a moving and storage company is a fantastic way of ensuring the safety of these items, it's still important to know what types of coverage and protection you have available to you in case damage occurs.

Below, we'll discuss the two main types of moving coverage that are typically offered by residential movers in North and Central New Jersey. With both, you can enjoy some level of protection to ensure that you're fairly compensated in the rare case of accidental damage or missing possessions. Knowing the details of the coverage that is offered will enable you to make the right decision for your home or business.

Full Value Protection for Maximum Coverage

Full value protection covers everything that you're transporting with your North and Central New Jersey long distance movers. With this add-on protection, your mover is 100% responsible for any damage that occurs during the moving process. Should this unfortunately happen during your relocation, you will be entitled to the full cost of the item. In general, the mover will cover this in three different ways:

  • Repairs: If damage is minimal, your move will cover the cost of repair and find someone to perform the work.
  • Replacement: If damage is severe and a replacement is readily available, your mover will gladly offer a similarly valued item.
  • Cash Settlement: In some cases, a repair or replacement is not an option. Rest assured, your mover will fully compensate you for the item.

Included Released Value Protection

Full value protection is not the most affordable option. During any move, this level of protection is an optional add-on. If you aren't necessarily that worried about your belongings, you can opt for released value protection. This will come at no additional charge. However, coverage is not as extensive. Under this protection, your mover will only cover a price per pound of belongings lost and damaged - normally up to $0.60/pound. 

Hire Skilled Long Distance Movers in North and Central New Jersey

When you hire World Class Moving Systems for your relocation, you'll never have to worry about your possessions being damaged. We take immense care to make sure that all of our customer's belongings are professionally handled. Regardless, we offer both coverage options for your peace of mind.

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