Tips for spotting mover red flags

Hiring long-distance movers is an important decision. While most moving companies strive to provide reliable, honest service, there are a few companies that give the industry a less-than-stellar reputation.

The good news is that it’s easy to do a little bit of research to ensure that you hire residential movers you can trust. You can also learn about red flags to look for that are signals to find a different moving company.

No On-Site Consultation

It should give you pause when a moving company gives you a quote over the phone without seeing the belongings that need to be moved. It’s very difficult to give an accurate estimate without knowing exactly what needs to be moved.

Not every moving company that gives estimates this way is shady, but this practice should be on your list of red flags.

No Written Estimate

You’re happy because a moving company has given you a great quote—but it’s a verbal quote. You can completely ignore whatever number they provided because without having it in writing, it means nothing.

Reputable moving companies know this, and they won’t expect you to accept a verbal-only quote.

They Changed the Estimate On Moving Day

Failing to get a written estimate leaves the door wide open to the company coming back with a much higher quote on moving day. Even if you have a written estimate, some companies still try to come back with an inflated number on the final invoice.

Note that there are a few legitimate reasons for movers to increase the price, but in most cases, this is a red flag.

Request for a Hefty Deposit

A small deposit to reserve your moving date isn’t necessarily a red flag, but a request for large deposits should make you think twice. Also, if the company requests all cash payments, that should be a hard no.

Request to Sign Blank Documents

This should go without saying, but signing blank documents is always a bad idea. Any company that even asks you to do this isn’t a company you should work with.

A Claim That All Your Belongings are Covered by the Moving Company’s Insurance

It would be great if this were true, but that’s not the way moving company’s insurance works. If the movers are telling you this, it calls into question everything else they say.

You Aren’t Provided with Federally Required Information

Federal regulations require that certain information be provided to customers of all moving companies. The two booklets they must provide are:

  • Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move
  • Ready to Move

If your movers fail to supply these, they are flouting federal law—a definite red flag.

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