Make Moving Day Easier with a Pre-Move Checklist

If you want to enjoy a hassle-free move, you have to start preparing well before moving day. Since 1977, World Class Moving Systems has helped thousands of people complete their local and long-distance moves, so we know a thing or two about how to best prepare.

Take a look at some of our top tips and bookmark our handy checklist, so you can take steps toward planning an easier move.

Pre-Move Checklist

Here are some things you can do ahead of moving day:

CHOOSE A MOVING COMPANY: As soon as you have your moving date, reserve the day with your moving company. It’s always a good idea to reserve early, but this is especially necessary if you’re moving during the busier summer months.

DOWNSIZE: There is no point in paying to move items you no longer need. Instead of carting clothes you no longer wear or unused kitchen appliances, take the move as an opportunity to downsize your belongings.

PLAN FOR WEATHER: A rainy, snowy, or sweltering day doesn’t have to ruin moving day. Just watch the weather and plan ahead, so you’ll have what you need on hand. For example, tarping for rainy days, sidewalk salt for snowy days, or lots of water for hot days.

UTILITIES: Turn your utilities off in your current home the day after your move and turn them on in the new house the day before the move. This ensures you won’t have to deal with being in a house with no power, heat, or water.

PACK CONVENIENCE BAGS: Pack a bag for each family member, including the four-legged kind, that includes a change of clothes, snacks, games, medications, and other items to hold you over in the event your shipment is delayed.

FORWARD MAIL: This is a step that’s often forgotten until after the move. Don’t miss out on your mail! Fill out the form ahead of time, so all of your mail will be forwarded.

SCHOOL REGISTRATION: If you have children in school, contact the school well in advance to learn all the requirements for getting the kids registered.

NEW DOCTOR: When completing a long-distance move, you’ll have to find new doctors, dentists, and veterinarians. As soon as you know where you’re moving, start researching new providers and contact them to learn if they are accepting new patients and if they take your insurance. You can also start the process of transferring your records.

MAKE PLANS FOR PETS AND KIDS: Moving day can be stressful for pets and small children. Keep them safe and out from underfoot by making plans to have them spend time with a friend or family member while the movers do their thing.

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