When moving day comes around, most of the worry goes towards the larger, fragile items that you own. Your dressers and buffet table aren't a major concern; they're big and sturdy, so a moving pad and smart placement on the moving truck will be enough to keep them safe.

There are, however, several types of items that are much trickier to protect in transit, and as such require more attention and care when handling them.

We're going to discuss how to take precautions and ensure the protection of large, fragile items such as these:

  • Large-Screen TVs
  • Sculptures and Statues
  • Artwork
  • Large Mirrors

We will also discuss some other precautions you should take into consideration when working with residential movers in New Jersey.

Moving Large-Screen TVs

When moving large TVs, a moving pad isn't going to cut it. To keep your TV protected in transit, you'll want to consider purchasing a box designed for a large-screen TV, either through your moving company or a third party.

TV screens of all sizes are fragile, but the larger the screen gets, the more surface area there is to the screen, which means it's going to take less pressure from any direction to do damage.

Moving Sculptures and Statues

Sculptures and statues make for great decoration, but to ensure their safe travels from one location to another, you'll need to take the right precautions.

Above all else, the best way to protect large, fragile items such as these is by purchasing a custom wood crate and soft material to cushion the interior with.

By placing a solid shell around the sculpture or statue, you prevent any direct impact to the piece itself, and the cushioning serves to keep it from moving around inside the crate, as well as mitigate the bouncing of the truck on the road.

Moving Artwork

Artwork can be finicky to move when you consider the different types of frames and sizes of the artwork, but with the right supplies and knowledge, you can worry less and relax more.

For a majority of artwork, you can safely move them by packing them into a picture box, which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

For large, very expensive pieces of artwork, consider purchasing a custom wood crate designed for artwork. This, coupled with some cushioning, will keep your artwork protected from both stress on the frame and potential smudging of the canvas.

Moving Large Mirrors

Large mirrors are effectively like large-screen TVs, in that you want them perpendicular to the truck floor and packed in something that provides a solid shell and some cushioning inside.

Consider purchasing a custom wood crate to move your large mirror, as this will protect it from anything that might bump into the glass and scratch or shatter it, and it will keep the frame protected from gouges and splintering as well.

Other Precautions to Protect Your Investments

Moving is an expensive process on its own, so take these precautions to prevent major losses in the event of damages:

  • Inventory Your Items: Take pictures of everything you are moving or having moved before wrapping it up and putting it on the truck. This will provide you with evidence when navigating damage claims or insurance claims.
  • Purchase Valuation: Purchasing full valuation means that, in the event of an item being damaged beyond repair, you receive reimbursement for the full value of the item, not just for the weight of it. Most New Jersey long-distance movers offer this, so be sure to consider it when traveling cross-country.

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